Visual Dare - Fearless!

Here is a bit of nonsense (cross-posted from my livejournal), inspired by Angela Goff. You can find all her visual dares at her blog, This is an amazing picture! The story that follows is fanfic, just for fun. Enjoy!


Flabbergasted, Mortimer Wimsey glared at the dining room table, then at his daughter. She flinched.  

“Polly! Get that damn thing off the table!”

Polly’s lips trembled, but she looked him in the eye. “Lambkin’s on strike, like the suffragettes.”

Mortimer saw his younger son, just home from Eton, squeeze his little sister’s  hand. Peter seemed to be trying not to laugh. They’d be the death of him, these two. Far too clever for their own good. “Strike!” he spluttered. “Suffragettes! Why, you-“

Peter walked across the room and whispered in his father’s ear. Mortimer looked thoughtful. He rumbled, “Polly, listen to me. We know you’ve become a vegetarian. We know it’s a principled stand. But don’t you want to take Lambkin to school?” Polly nodded.

”Very well,” her father said triumphantly, “that beast shan’t go to your boarding school until you train it to stay off the furniture!”