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Cover concept for HONOR-

I've been playing around with photoshop - this is cross-posted from my livejournal, where I have a bit more explanation. No, young Kiril should not be wearing modern-day fencing gear, nor is his practice sword a foil! This boy isn't quite the way I imagine my MC at ten or so, but he's close. The build, coloring, and attitude are perfect. Thoughts? (Note: My sister the artist gave me some crit - the sun in the picture was too bright, and I ought to get rid of it. She's right. I have. Updated Feb 25.)


7/7 Challenge

Cross - posted from my livejournal: The lovely Amanda McCrina, author of the historical fantasy His Own Good Sword (which all Sutcliff and Megan Whalen Turner fans should go and read, forthwith!), has invited me to participate in the 7/7 blog challenge. Here are the rules: You are to pick a WIP and post seven lines from page seven. It's supposed to be the first seven lines, but I'm not being that strict, and you don't have to be, either. After posting, you are to invite seven other authors to post seven lines from page seven of their WIP. So - I'm inviting Mike Mullinjongibbs, R. J. Anderson, Lena Roylogospilgrimsigune (if she wants to do it!), and jessica_shea. Again, this is only if you want to do it and/or think it would be fun or helpful! And now, seven random lines from page seven of A Drive of Dragons:

"Welcome to our palace. Did you have a good journey?" Princess Verity asked automatically. She had rehearsed this part of the conversation several times with her mother.

"The journey was pleasant, but too long. I could not wait to see you," Adalbart answered. Verity stared at him in astonishment. She couldn't believe he meant what he was saying, especially since he was frowning and touching his carefully disordered curls with one hand while he gazed into something he was holding with the other. What was he holding? A hand mirror? Verity stepped closer to see, and the prince thrust the object into his jacket, blushing.