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Being a Teen librarian - and loving it.

My first professional library job was the one I hold now – young adult librarian in a small to mid-sized public library. It has been a joy to work there. But the administration has changed, and it may be that I won’t be a teen librarian from this summer onward. (*note. I was removed from my position in April) If that is the case, I want to list what I accomplished in my position over the last twenty years.


  • School – library cooperation:

I got the entire fifth grade to the library to hear Marybeth Weston, a local author, read her play, The Squaw with Blue Eyes.

 Along with the fifth grade teachers, I instituted the kid’s choice awards. Children suggested and then voted for their favorite books in a variety of genres, designed bookmarks, and chose their favorite designs. The bookmarks were professionally printed for distribution in the school and the public library. We did this for several years.

 I contacted the high school geology department and arranged for author Mike Mullin to do a booktalk centering on the Yellowstone supervolcano.