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This, too, is crossposted from my live journal; I thought it up on a walk my sister and I took round the pond. There were lots of little red dragonflies, and one of them landed on my sister’s thumb! (The photo I took some months ago is a big green darner, not one of those little red guys, but it’s pretty!)

thumb IMG 1231 1024

Dragonflies follow you

as though you were at once

shelter and larder;

as though you held 

in your cupped hands

the waters of their birth.

(Mary Johnson, 2016)

Visual Dare: Encroach

This is cross-posted (again, and rather late) from my live journal, and is again based on one of Angela Goff’s wonderful Visual Dares. Comments welcome either here or there. Enjoy!

Everyone else had their eyes covered, and some were carrying slices of onion. Nadia refused. She had no intention of hiding. One of the boys behind her actually had an old-style gas mask that might have belonged to some English or German great-grandfather, and he made to hand it to her.

“Take it! You’ll need it if they start spraying tear gas.”

“Not if. When,” a granny walking behind her muttered. Nadia shook her head at both of them.

“I’m not afraid! Thank you, but no.”

The boy shrugged and dropped back behind her. As Nadia strode on, the granny reached up and patted her shoulder. “Brave girl! Is this your first time?”

“Yes.” Nadia felt the breath catch in her throat, for she saw the soldiers in front of her, by the wall. Her soldiers. Her people. Would they really fire tear gas, and worse? Would they shoot at peaceful protesters?